If your looking to book a Tampa Bay Tarpon Fishing Charter then now is the time.  The Tarpon are in and the fishing is hot until the end of June.

If you are not familiar with Tarpon fishing in Florida then you need to take note.  Not all Tarpon in Florida waters are the same.  For instance the Tarpon in the waters around the Florida Keys are generally much smaller than they are in the Tampa Bay area.  Our Tarpon average about 100lbs,  yes you read that right.   Tampa Bay Tarpon are also common in the 200+ lb range.

We fish Tarpon with conventional tackle which means that even a novice fisherman can be fighting Tarpon in no time.   We generally use bait which gives you the best chance to hook “The Big One”.  When hooked a 100lb Tarpon feels like you have a small compact car at the end of your line.  Tarpon are some of the hardest fighting fish in the world.  They are known for their above water acrobatics.   Your heart will jump when you see a 100lb Tampa Bay Tarpon come completely out of the water shaking their head violently trying to free the hook.

Tarpon fishing is catch and release only.   Don’t worry,  there are plenty of opportunities for pictures with your trophy which you can share with your buddies and friends.

If your looking for some crazy fun then book your trip during the Crab Flush when the crabs get flushed from the bays and estuaries into the Gulf.  This is the equivalent to an all you can eat buffet to a Tarpon and they are stacked up in the mouth of the passes waiting for the crabs to come down.  Contact Captain Kenny to see if he has room for you during the Crab Flush.

Remember to book your trip early to make sure you can get in on this amazing Tampa Bay Tarpon Fishing experience.