St Petersburg Fishing Charters

One of the great things about St Petersburg Fishing Charters is that you have so many options on where to fish. We can fish Tampa Bay, Gulf Flats, Inshore Estuaries, etc. We also have multiple launch sites within St Petersburg so we don’t have to make long runs to get to the fish. Like most of the Florida Inshore Charters you will have lots of things to see during your trip. City skylines, remote mangrove bays, amazing beaches and plenty of wildlife.
Fish We Catch On St Petersburg Charters

King Fish






Speckled Trout





St Petersburg Inshore Fishing
What is Inshore Fishing? This is a question that we get quite often. Inshore Fishing is considered fishing the coastal areas and estuaries close to land, usually within 15 miles or closer. Many times we don’t even venture out in the open gulf but stay inside fishing the salt water estuaries.

Opposed to Deep Sea Fishing we are insight of land the majority of the time and spend the majority of our time fishing the flats and shallower areas of the Gulf of Mexico.

Depending on what we are fishing for many times we are fishing top-water blugs and baits that add a new dimension to your fishing experience. Its one thing to have something tug at your line, its another to have them violently attack it on the surface. We take tarpon, snook, trout and other various species in the shallows fishing this way.

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